Tuesday, May 20, 2008

orange beards

I have a great pen pal in Rotterdam, Netherlands named Cor, and he sends emails and all sorts of delights many times in each week. He recently sent me a report on a field trip with some of his friends which he calls "elderlies" who mostly traveled in wheelchairs. They had planned to go to the famous Keukenhof  to see flowers but due to some problem insted they went to Euromast a huge tower that over looks all Rotterdam, a park by the Boijmans art museum and then to the art museum. While on this trip, as is his thoughtful way, Cor took lots of pictures to retell the story of his field trip and he slipped in a little something extra just for me which is posted above. It  is a portrait of a Dutch golden age man with a big bright orange beard! The label says this guy might be one of my Dutch artist heros Hendrick Goltzius who did amazing detailed drawings and engravings. This portrait is painted by Cornelis Ketel in 1601 but I guess there is some doubt if it is actually Goltzius. In any case Cor knows I love orange hair and the golden age paintings from Holland... so this guy with his ruff collar and that long pointed orange beard was a great surprise and a great gift. Thanks Cor! 

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