Sunday, February 15, 2009

mid winter's day


I had a great week up until Wed. when I suddenly became sick and came quickly home to bed. I had a trip to visit both my pals named Dan for coffees and a few exhibits including some great figurative work at the Hirshhorn museum I didn't even know was hanging. There was good food and fun book binding at Pyramid Atlantic Studios in Silver Spring where I learned a new way to make a covered box from Linda Rollins the resident binding master. At the Hirshhorn naturally I took pictures and have some posted on Flickr. pages. Monday I did some community work with an AIDS research meeting and drawing group got short circuited when the figure model forgot he was suppose to model and didn't show up. I had my groceries ready and my Valentines day gift all packed up for my sweetheart when I came home Wed. and basically dropped into bed with a thermometer to measure the heat in my head. 101.5ºF  after a treatment for the aches and pains with Alieve I was really sick. Not a happy day after that news sunk in . I had to miss the local poetry reading which I have missed for several months.  I wanted to attend after rearranging the weeks I go out to visit in Manassas to fall opposite the monthly readings always on the second Wednesday of each month.  I resolved to be happy. I had lots of art in my head, visited several  friends in person, and learned a new thing along the way. I resolved to sit back and wait to feel better.  I soon discovered many of my friends have already experienced this bug. Keith helped out with a trip to the dreaded Giant for Gatorade and he brought me a bucket beside our bed from the cold porch outside in case the nausea got the best of me. Soup was the most I wanted to eat and he made it ready when I was. 
The days rolled by and Friday 13th I was presented  with a beautiful bouquet of soft white parrot tulips and a bunch of clipped green orchids by my desk. Yesterday Valentines day and winter came back after days of warmer than seasonal weather. My tulips were happy and began to blush pink as they grew and stood taller. I had an encouraging talks with my many friends and even Mom called to say feel better soon. 
I took some pictures to share the thrill and save the memory of this special feeling of being loved and happy even when I wasn't feeling 100%. Facebook has been keeping me busy when I have time to interact with the screen. I posted my flowers there first and then on and now here. Seems I am everywhere and no where all at once. I love the Internet connections but real face time with any person is so much better unless you are sick when the Internet can be just right. A little at a time and not too much and clearly no guilt about infecting anyone with a bug of the biological kind. Since the I connected to the Internet I find I read much more and write volumes more than I ever expected I would as a child, who fought against the very notion that one had to know about reading. Thanks to my parents, some teachers, a few tutors and supportive aunts and grand parents they somehow got me through the struggle to overcome my dislike of the written word. Now, I think I want to post my pictures and slip back to my new book, a gift from my sweetheart.  Omnivore's Dilemma  A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan is challenging me and answering questions that everyone needs to consider. It looks kind of thick and long but I am as a slow reading finding it hard to put down. What one does on a mid winter's day? Read a good book and glance at your pretty pink tulips and count your blessings large and small. 

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