Monday, February 23, 2009

teeth update

Early this morning I went in to see my dentist at the Whitman Walker Clinic and he did x-ray of my molar and found that it is infected or impacted as they say. He showed me where the roots of the tooth that hurt was all inflamed and said that the gums were also red. He says the earlier filling came very close to the nerve and that may be where the inflammation set in and slowly worked its way into the nerves. Once a tooth's nerve is infected they never recover and have to be drilled out or they cause damage to the bones of the jaw. This means I have to have an infamous root canal performed or alternatively an extraction.  He offered to try to do the root canal, and since he did my first root canal for me before I am confidant about a second. Normally a specialist would be called in for this difficult task but specialists don't take a "fee for service" that my clinic doctor does.  Clearly if I had lots of money or some private dental insurance I could have it done by and expert or maybe they would suggest extraction and an implant to replace the tooth but since I am on assistance I have to take what is available from my clinic Doctor.  I am happy to have a root canal option because the alternative would leave me with a missing molar.  I have to say that my first root canal was kind of long and involved but since it was done and my tooth is crowned I feel much better. At least after the root is taken out there isn't going to be anymore pain in that tooth! By the end of March or mid April I should have my second crown. Crunchy cookies and pop corn are my downfall but it was just the tipping point of a deep infection that was bound to come out and display eventually. 
The antibiotics I am taking calmed the infection so the pain has waned since Sunday afternoon. I still have to be careful not to jar it with chewing hard stuff like my favorite crunchy cookies with nuts and fruits. Thanks for your support with this and other illness I have been suffering the past couple weeks. 

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