Friday, February 20, 2009

teeth tulips & Jerome Robins

orange & red tulips detail 

It is Friday, and I have a developing tooth ache. A call to my dentist took awhile to get a response but once I got Dr. Hughes on the phone and told him about the type of pain and location he was pretty quick to say " Oh, that sounds like a possible fracture." I told him how it developed while chewing on a cookie with walnuts and dates. Which was well worth this discomfort I might add. He wants me to get up early on Monday and come over to see him for an exam and X-ray, meanwhile he is calling in antibiotics and pain medication and told me to avoid hard foods and chewing on that side. I have had a fracture before and he had the broken tooth pulled out but that was a rare fracture  that could not be repaired. I will skip that story. I know just thinking about a visit to the dentist can make some people sick to their stomachs and I sure don't want to injury my readers with my stories. In addition to my toothache I woke up this morning with a serious case of dizzy! Alarmingly so that when I turned over in bed, the room kept going! Yikes, I thought what the heck is going on here. I laid still for a moment and things leveled off. Then I tested it again and whee once again the room swam uncontrollably round and round for a few seconds. I figured it had something to do with my tooth. Dr. Hughes reassured me it was not uncommon to have this sort of symptom from the pressure on nerves or inner ear parts close to that part of the mouth that control our balance. My treatments should be ready tonight at the local pharmacy and I am sure that Dr. Hughes can get to the bottom of the problem once he gets a chance to examine the unhappy tooth. The cure may be a while off but just knowing someone is going to help makes getting through this easier and I don't have to do any fast moves that might cause me to fall from lack of balance this week. 
On a lighter note, earlier this week I had the pleasure of delivering a couple bouquets of red and orange parrot tulips to my Mom out in Manassas  from Keith who brought them at the market for her when he went to get his flowers for this weeks ikebana arrangements . I visited with her and we went to the movie "He's not that into you" which we enjoyed. It was filmed  in Baltimore, Maryland. Famous the Domino's Sugar sign showed up in a few of the night time harbor views. 
At home Mom had the dinning table all decked out with new linens and the traditional candles  and the small replica of Mount Vernon for Presidents day. Mount Vernon is one of my favorite little objects in her collection and is very old, though not quite as old as me.  
On Public Television Mom and  I enjoyed a profile of the choreographer Jerome Robins a American Masters program and I was delighted to learn about him and realize his impact on my life of childhood visions of dance. He was the guy who created the deliciously theatrical play and dance about "Uncle Tom's Cabin" within "The King and I" which to this day I still have to watch to the final bow if I see it on TV. The invention in movement expression and character development  make it pure delight. He also invented the Russian Jewish folk dances in Fiddler on the Roof which had the men down on their knees doing squat kicks in the dust. Seeing it made me rush to try those squat kicks in my class room dance studios as a young teenager. I wanted to be a dancer as a kid and I tried out  a lot of the moves that I saw on TV and in the movies at home to begin with then later in my dance classes where we had some time to try out moves. I think my sister and I danced everywhere as kids. Including on the furniture and in the field out back of the house in the deep grass. Down the side walk in mock parades and in the wreck room on the linoleum tiles polished slick for good slides and turns but not so good for falls. We survived but now I find few opportunities to dance with such abandon. It was enlightening to discover on gay man had so much impact on my vision of what dance was from Fiddler to West Side Story and some ballet that I saw later in New York theaters and on TV. I never before put all that together with the name Jerome Robins sadly. Now I know and I celebrate his work today in my post. I looked for a clip of the Uncle Tom's Cabin scene on You Tube but they have none of the original movie posted  there. Subsequent High School play productions are there but lack the panache of a Robins in the original form so watch for reruns and think of him when you see poor Eliza chased by wicked King Simon Legris and his masked men dressed as scent tracking  hounds.

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