Sunday, July 19, 2009

mid summer's flowers

red daylily with a small yellow and black beatle
blue balloon flowers
white "casa blaca" lilies
pink daylily rides a strong stem high above the dragon on the garden's edge below

We have a beautiful warm summer day with seemingly no humidity which is so unusual for Washington DC in the summer month of July. It's great blue skies with wandering white clouds and a yard full of colorful flowers.
I wanted to share some of them with my friends. I went out twice in the last week and took some photos of what was in bloom. Day lilies, Casa Blanca lilies, tall balloon flowers, many hosta flowers, summer phlox, black eyed and green eyed susans, roxanne crane's bill to name a few. The grass is drying up the clovers are still blooming and the plantains are starting to go to seed in the lawn. We water to keep the flowers going and I try to go out and sit in the garden each morning to write my pages. I have to wear long pants and long sleeves and a hat to keep the mosquitos off, and a little bit of deet spray. They are very anxious to find a bite of blood to make babies but we know they carry disease and besides that those bites cause so much misery. Still sitting and admiring our flowers and the bees and the birds, this is my little heaven right here in the city. If anything ails you, growing a yard full of flowers is a great spiritual remedy. Special thanks to Keith for making so much of this happen and adding his unique touch of magic to our evolving garden.

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