Thursday, July 9, 2009

red men

Blacksmith has is waiting on something he put in the fire to the left.

Helping the blacksmith? I couldn't be sure but it seems like he was when I arrived. Then he with the great red beard moved to the side and watched with the rest of us.

Orange beard double thick earrings and tattoos.

Here I noticed that the young guy in red t-shirt also had red hair.

We watch the blacksmith making some sort of a fork.

I haven't posted very much this summer. I have been working on my books, I want to show you some as they develop into a collection this year. I wasn't expecting to be able to make books in July but the cool weather in the mornings has allowed me to work some days on the back porch studio. It is not weatherized and has glass windows facing west which heat up to very hot humid greenhouse like conditions. I have been on my own for a couple weeks while Keith is in the home mountains with his folk. We did go to the Smithsonian folklife festival this year before he left and I returned twice alone. We were both drawn to the Welsh exhibitors and music as I wrote earlier and I didn't take pictures until on the last day when I came across a fellow helping the blacksmith I couldn't pass up without a few snapshots. Wild red hair and wilder beard drew my camera out of the bag. I think I have seen this fellow on the mall before. He was less punk looking the last time and riding a very nice pink single geared bicycle. This time I didn't see the bicycle but I noticed he was wearing bicycle shoes that clip onto the pedals like I used to wear. Anyway, I got a few shots of him and brought them home to show you.
I also have a few close up shots of our garden flowers ready to show and a few new sketches. Some are on flickr. go there to see? There is the link and you can also go by visiting my blog page and looking for the slide show link to the right of this post.

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