Sunday, December 20, 2009

2nd snow breaks the records

pen pals share their snowy photos. this is northern Norway

the driveway at Cor's retreat in Sarrecave, France

the 600 year old olive tree named Martha at Cor's mountain home in southern France with a dusting of snow.

view out my bedroom window through the white cedar branches by our building where I also filmed the following snow falling>

the snow began falling Friday evening about 9:30 while I was visiting Doug and Bob over in Mt. Pleasant in North West for a nice holiday dinner. We had a fire in their fireplace and a beautiful Christmas tree near the hearth. I sat in the rocking chair by the fire for a while after a great day of museums. Went to see John Singer Sargent and the Sea an exhibition at the Corcoran Museum of Art. Sargent show includes formal portraits and paintings but also watercolors, oil studies, drawings and even some simple stamp sized figures on a boat from a post card sized sketchbook. After dinner I headed home in the snow via Metro, a long walk to and from metro with wet snow falling in my face all the way. Once I got home and in bed I was naturally wondering how much snow we would get here in DC and how my friends and family in the area might get and what would become of us all. It was fine powdery snow falling and it stayed dry powdery snow all through the storm in this region. It snowed all night and all day till several hours after dark on Saturday making 24 hours non stop snow. 16.3 inches officially at National Airport for Washington DC but that is along way from my home here in North East. We got that much and maybe a little more in Brookland. This storm broke the records for December snowfall in Washington DC the previous record was set in 1932 on Dec. 17th with 11.5 inches 77 years ago. How exciting to set a new record for snow fall but I wonder how this relates to our climate change?
This week The Copenhagen Climate Conference ended with Obama presiding over a failure in my eyes. He came home with no binding legal agreement, that means we got nothing so it is up to us to make the difference and cut back on our own carbon foot prints. Keep pressure on your representatives... Green technology for clean energy is not going to get us much more energy but it will give lots of people work and boost a failing economy.

They had a big snow storm in Europe too. My Dutch friend Cor Windhouwer set out for his winter holidays in southern France and spent 15 hours on snowy highways Friday driving a trip that should normally be 12 hours. He sent a couple pictures of his snow in the Pyrenees not far from Spain. Norway has snow but not as much as DC yet. My other pen pal Jonny Jamtjord shared a couple pictures of his snowy views far north in Norway. We will see our snow vanish in a week or two here in DC but predictions say we may have some more for Christmas next weekend. Let it snow, let it snow but give me time to get fresh supplies in the pantry...
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