Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moving parts, dance, music, drinks and books

guests enter from the cold night air and sign in
Moving Parts: box sets stacked and open
bass and percussion
center pink Kelly O'Brein Moving Parts leader
the first of two dances

This week we met our goal to complete 10 sets of the Moving Parts collection for City Dance and Pyramid Atlantic studios. There was a party with live music and dance performing as well as silent auction of book parts individually and a raffle for a complete set. The whole event was wrapped in a very frosty December night air but the folks inside were happy to be warm and curious to see all that was on display. I had a good time watching and even though my raffle ticket wasn't the lucky one I still feel lucky to have made new friends and advanced my skills as a clam shell box maker. Now we begin the next phase of our project completing the other 40 boxed sets.
The highlight besides all the joyful faces of the artists who contributed to this project and the support people who made it happen was near the end. The man who got me involved at Pyramid Atlantic Studios almost ten years ago Steven Stichter arrived looking a little worn from rushing to find the gallery. He went to some other location and just made it during the last minutes of the party. He has been away from printing and Pyramid for some time now even though he works only three blocks away but said he is making a big effort to come back now. That was happy news for me. I miss his company, friendship and talents.

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Kelly O'Brien said...

Frederick, your photos really capture the energy of the moment - thanks so much for documenting what felt like a blur of an evening. Am definitely looking forward to more of your box-making talents on the next 40!