Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a walk in my neighorhood

oak tree gnarled branches bare

bright red holly berries

another red berry in the same yard

small creeping sedum are showing lots of color this time of year in boxes on our doorstep.

I went for a walk a few days back when the sun came out and took my camera along to see what I could see. These are a few of the sights that caught my eye and made me stop and look closer. Winter's dark days mean every bright spot in your day should be coveted and kept close to your heart to warm you through to spring. I collect pictures that pop up on my screen when I let my computer rest. These are some of my smile makers for today. I am happy to be part of Brookland a great garden community in upper northeast Washington DC.

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Tom said...

Hi Frederick

Nice pictures, great color. Nice seeing you at the Nat Gal last weekend, I have book marked the site.
Tom Morris