Wednesday, May 5, 2010

early May flowers

three blossoms almost turned the branch over on the new iris
our red rhododendron puts out a big display this year
full blooming clematis in a pot
Siberian iris
the first siberian iris blooms
exotic Dutch clematis in a pot shows the first blossom
triple bi-colored columbines between the bricks are truly volunteers
new annuals, purple heliotrope and orange lantana by the stairs
old fashioned bearded white iris
our newest bearded iris shot open early in the morning,
I was really srupirised it opened two on the first day
but it is twice as much excitement
and then I noticed that the beard is blue
the"mint scented" geranium opened its tiny pink flowers...


Keith said...

Our garden flowers look great!!!

cor said...

i agree with Keith....the flowers look great...but what was Frederick expecting to see at the beard of the blue iris...some orange details!

Frederick said...

Cor the other old fashioned iris that is purple has a white beard, but I love the purple iris with blue beard and will look forward to more of the new iris having other colors! Orange on the orange iris maybe?