Sunday, May 30, 2010


newest rose of the garden: "Pat Austin" a shrub rose, orange petals with a yellow reverse
"Pat Austin" mom's newest rose
fire red-orange lily blooms it's first season in ground after a nice show in a pot the last summer or two.
first season in ground pink-white lollipop asian lily blooms
Blue hosta, tall iris foliage and yellow-green shrub have nice color texture variation

I went for a visit this week to Manassas where my mother lives and we spent time doing some of our favorite things. Shopping for garden flowers and linens and eating good food. We bought and planted new flowers on the porch and in the garden. We arrived at the garden store just as they were unloading a fresh batch of plants for the memorial day weekend sale and got first choice of everything. We also enjoyed a visit to the Manassas farmer's market on Thursday and in spite of the high heat, had fun looking and brought home some good stuff. I found a yard of paisley fabric for a dollar at the Hospital's thrift shop then we ate pizza at Tony's and browsed antiques at a new Pink House shop that day. Once we got home and had a short nap the evening we were a little sun struck from going in and out of hot parking lots to cold stores and back to hot car again earlier in the day. We watched news about the American tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico all evening. The oil spill is like a bad dream you want to wake up from and declare a ban on the use of all fossil fuels. Then you realize we could not live the way we do without those dirty easy fossil fuels and wonder when someone is going to show some leadership and guide the nation and the world towards clean energy. Our current leaders are not doing a very good job of changing our dirty oil and coal habits.
It was a nice visit and I am looking forward to a return trip to finish up planting the new rose and some other work that needs to be done in the garden. I am wondering what will be blooming on the next trip.

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