Wednesday, December 8, 2010

fell a big tree

The 10th St. dead Linden tree spring 2010 
I have been lobbying for the removal of a big tree in front of our building for the past two years since it died in the drought of 2008's long hot summer. It was a 'small leaf' linden tree, taller than our building, with a soft sweet perfume in spring. It grew up into a mash of various power and telephone wires that pass by and attach to our building.
This tree was a beautiful mess and it blocked the morning sun from heating up our building in the hot parts of summer. Now all that remains is a short stump. Will they replace it with a smaller redbud tree? In addition to the photographs I included several videos of the felling process which I watched for about two hours, all  from the comfort of our warm 2nd story apartment window on a cold and windy December's day.
*If you are reading this post in an e-mail you will have to open the actual blog web page to see & hear the videos.

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