Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a little orange as winter approaches

On the corner off tenth and Michigan is a line of oak trees that have shown very beautiful orange late in the season this year and even more last year. There seems to be a variation in the colors each year or maybe I just miss the good days some years.
Anyway, I was out walking to deliver books to the post office a few times this past week and saw some interesting clouds in the sky. The cirrus type I believe but after about an hour hunting on The Cloud Appreciation Society's cool website, I couldn't figure it out for sure. I took a few photos to record this unusual overhead phenomenon that were swirling left then right and seemed to be falling out of the sky like little cloud tornados on my way home.

I came home from figure drawing the red bearded man Jon who is one of our favorite models, to find I had a new bouquet of orange orchids and bird of paradise flowers. Nice to draw in the morning and enjoy throughout the day but I wanted to share some orange with you all too! So here are a few shots of the orchids....

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