Thursday, December 16, 2010

red roses and a post card

Each morning I look around the house for something to sketch after I get my first coffee. This week we have a lovely bunch of red garden roses and a new (to us) vase to hold them. I think the vase is fine crystal it catches the light nicely and this bunch of deep red roses are perfectly suited to the shape. The post card is by a Dutch Artist named Dick Ket painted in 1932, "self portrait" with a red geranium was an interesting companion. This morning I am grateful for the flowers and vase brought home by Keith. The Ket post card came from Cor in Holland last year celebrating Sint Nickolas Day (Dec. 5th with Dutch chocolates) you also see a small abstract Cor Windhouwer painting behind the vase and a little red Buddha and the tiny marble & wood kaleidoscope.
blurry shows the winter's cold light

pen & ink sketch of my roses and post card. 
Dick Ket was a real home body, he suffered a heart condition that kept him living at home with his parents where he painted still life and self portraits until his death in 1940. He completed about 140 paintings, 40 of them self portraits. Wikipedia has a short Dick Ket bio here.  He was part of a artists movement called Magic Realism. 

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