Saturday, January 29, 2011

better than last week

We had a nice first snow storm last week which caused a lot of people a lot of misery. I was stuck home with fevers and breathing problems but a couple of doctor visits went smoothly between snow falls. I sat home reading looking at TV and Internet for a full week without going out the door. Pretty snow falls, fresh flowers, lots of good food and support from Keith made it bearable. The snow in DC was about 5 inches in our neighborhood and we were fortunate to have our power continuously.

Now my fevers are gone and my breath seems to be normal and appetite has returned. The flowers remain and I have been photographing them and making my daily sketches as usual. We made a trip to the market together yesterday and I got to select a bunch of new tulips myself. I chose these pretty lavender pink parrot tulips grown by a local Virginia grower for this week.

red tulips grew out in wild directions like a bunch of serpents
the first pinks tulips going strong

orange Peruvian lilies came in one day

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