Sunday, January 23, 2011

new sketches

my metal tin that holds pens and pencils 

This week, while I am stuck home with a respiratory infection, I found time to scan and edit my recent drawings. These are mostly with opaque water coloring. I believe the fun I had at home drawing and adding colors last Christmas helped me move back toward adding color to my daily morning sketches. Yesterday I missed the International Sketch Crawl #30 here in Washington DC at the Library of Congress Jefferson Building because of my infection. Meanwhile I don't let the illness hold back my daily sketching routine. It feels so good to get at least one image on my list of daily accomplishments. All these images can be blown up for more details, just double click on the image for a closer look.
lopsided Braeburn apples stacked high in a green depression glass bowl 
some dried up pomegranates in a old silver bowl with just a little water wash added 
I am sure there are going to be some good sketches from the artists who went to draw at the Library of Congress Saturday. Here is a link to the Urban Sketchers DC to see what they drew!
red orange tulips 

soft pink tulips in a ceramic pot

Mom's magnificent ceramic rooster pepper shaker

baby shoes and stuff on the side board

wooden form holds string and turkey feathers 

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Douglas K said...

Wow! Great stuff, Frederick. I really like the added color. The rooster salt shaker is fantastic! I'm glad your infection didn't keep you down. Hope to see you tonight.