Sunday, January 22, 2012

EPP stands for English Paper Piecing

in the beginning there were just these pieces of fabric basted onto paper 

I chose reds to make it a little like a rose color

big manila envelope paper is a pretty good type to use 

edging the red rose with pure white muslin shows it off

next make a few dozen more to create a quilt top? Oh my that was a week's work for just one. 

I recently found bloggers doing English Paper Piecing the exceptionally detailed technique of patchwork quilting by hand. After thinking about those posts and reading them carefully I decided to join the "rose star quilt block party" on following the directions in the self sewn: rose star tutorial to make my rose.  As of Saturday it has been a week since I began the rose star. I chose reds as my rose fabric color using fat eighth yard pieces I bought recently with the idea of a red and white quilt in mind. Then the cutting and basting began a little at a time. It took a long evenings work to get started on the fun part which is sewing together of the edges of the paper backed pieces by hand. This can be done anywhere there is light enough to see what you are doing. I did all mine at home and at Mom's this week under my new floor lamp with the goose neck she gave me for Christmas and puts the light where I need it to see. There is still time to join the group! Block party is for anyone willing to take the challenge and post a few photos.
reverse shows all the manila envelope paper I used to piece the pattern. 

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