Friday, January 27, 2012

several things

my first English paper pieced block in the rose star pattern
After completing my first block of the rose star pattern in the English paper pieced technique last week, I was hooked. I found myself wanting to cut and baste and sew up more. The various possibilities of color combinations and patters became a fixation that I couldn't resist giving in to this week. I chose several more sets of fabrics and cut them out and made cut paper for them then slowly began basting the cut shapes of fabrics onto the paper pieces. Now they are packaged in individual bags ready to go. I can begin hand stitching them together when ever I have time and motivation. It's easy to carry along and start and stop once this fussy cutting and basting are done. Here are a couple of the sets I have ready.
center panel is some Toile fabric (line etching style print on fabric) of a woman washing clothes in a creek 

center rose clipped from a leftover scrap of chintz I used for my AIDS quilt panel back in 1993.
I also did some sketches this week and a little embroidery on the big Crazy Quilt project but the warmer weather is making those dark wintry fabrics seem too heavy to be appealing at the moment it's 61ºF and a bright sun is shinning after a thunder storm passed by this morning. Winds are picking up speed and the warmer unseasonable weather will likely be swept away soon. It's odd having spring weather in the dead of winter.

green vine on the blue plaid (lower left area) and mauve and green ropes on the maroon paisley(upper right side) 

Mouse Ear Antheriums a tropical treat  used for a special Ikebana workshop last weekend

purple tulips 

flowering quince Keith brought home from Manassas and forced in the warm house
This warm weather leaves me wondering if the spring flowers will come up early or if there will be a real winter cold snap with snow and ice in February the month of the year Washington DC historically gets the most snow.


Kim with a K said...

The colour/fabric choices for your paper piecing are gorgeous!
I'm in awe of your talents with fabric, crazy quilting and painting!
How talented are you!!!
Your paintings are stunning!

selfsewn said...

Hi Frederick!
I love that you're taking part, isnt it addictive sewing the patchwork, it's so exciting working out different combinations!!

Frederick said...

addictive English Paper Piecing is exactly that for us easily persuaded to try it you will like it types! And I do but who can save us from ourselves? Maybe there is a natural course of this addiction that leads to some state of content, like seeing a finished quilt top. Thanks Selfsewn for leading us down the garden path and showing us the secret delights with your tutorial and block party on Flickr. seriously this is fun! I love playing with colors Kim with a K, fabric is just as much fun as paint and a little less mess. Where did you get that squirrel?