Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flamingo Gardens Ft. Lauderdale treasure

At last I have about 120 photos edited from our visit to Flamingo Gardens while we were in Ft. Lauderdale the first week of the year. I didn't want to start up without all of them sorted and ready to use. I don't want to post them all in a blog so I have loaded them on my flickr. page in a set called Florida 2012 with the other pictures from the proceeding three posts about our visit. Follow the link to go see the remainder of the images. Below are about 43 I liked a lot. I have three movies I will post separately later of the birds putting on a show.
This place is all about Birds! Trees too but mostly Birds and a few native cats, otters, alligators and turtles.
Barn owl keeps mice under control in barns! 

Swallow Tail Kite from the Gulf of Mexico area 

Bird man shows us a swallow tailed Kite 

Hawk that was rescued 

Black vultures in a cage recovering from wounds 

Rescued Barn Owls 

Roseate Spoonbill climbs the tree next to me 

Brown pelicans lounging in the sand and comforts of the aviary 

the amazing male Wood duck so colorful it looks like Disney did the coloring 

white ibis were lovely in the aviary ponds

whistling ducks were squeaking 

Snake headed  bird or Anihanga swims under water for fish then dries it's wet feathers in the sun. 

Red headed duck male is one of my favorites and I have seen them passing south here at home in Wash. DC

Walking tall with wings stretched out the Wood storks were displaying 

Wood stork puts on a show for the others in the aviary 

Roseate spoonbill 

brown pelican 

Cormorants preening in the aviary 

Flamingos are not native to Florida but these are 18-22 years old and were rescued somewhere nearby. 

Bobcats pacing round and round the cage waiting on dinner? 

Native Bob-cats in a cage were moving all the time. this one is on a tree trunk where it was scratching before something nearby caught it's attention 

wild wood storks 

river otters swimming around in their pool 

Pea-hen watching the male near by

Young male Pea-cock making a display for the Pea-hen. 

Bird island open to wild birds mostly white ibis 

Ibis flew over to investigate Keith and I on the deck 

Friendly Ibis 

Peacock in the grass 

The first ever I have seen Sandhill Crane! 

first Alligator we saw 

rare endangered Florida Panther 

huge vines in the trees 

Black and white birds of paradise flowers 

Keith taking photos of the big tree

black bamboo 

pretty color flower at the entrance. 

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