Thursday, February 9, 2012

car fever

Dan Murray showing me his new toy Feb. 8th 2012

My artist buddy Dan Murray has over the last few years become a total devotee to collecting vintage cars. Each year he takes a few months off from his insanely demanding labor as a garden designer and rests during winter by shopping and often buying new vintage cars to repair and enjoy as an investment. His latest car is a 1965 Buick Riviera and he took a minute to pull it out of the garage and show me yesterday before we went on a lunch date to National Gallery of Art. So here it is without it's DC tags which are being held up by a maddening detail of title. I look forward to taking a ride once the tags and seat-belts are secured!

not the double barreled exhaust pipes, oh my what a lot of gas it burns

front grill looks very shark-like. I have a vague memory of the Green Lantern driving some car like this in a different color

Dan jumps out to show off the red beauty

I asked where the headlights were,under the grill revealed like the mouth of a shark opening for a bite...

has some fancy carburetors that makes it go very fast from stop lights to 60 mph and 8 cylinders naturally. 

detail of the brand logo 

trunk has a key latch cover 

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selfsewn said...

hey I've just realised you are woodcut55!!! I love your figure drawings, it was my favourite thing when I was in college, give me a naked person and I'll paint them!

Cant wait to see your stars expand
Clare x