Saturday, February 18, 2012

therapies, talk, quilt, sketch, bake

maiden washing cloth in a creek

red, black and white


pink and chocolate brown
This week was Valentines day and we had a great trip out to Bethesda for a movie a walk and some fine foods. We saw a European film on Carl Jung and his mentor Sigmund Freud and the patient Sabina Spielrein that brought them together. It was a good film and I enjoyed watching the costumes, sets and learning more about Jung who embraced a lot of unusual ideas. I realized many of his ideas are put forward in "the artist's way" a book that helped me and so many artists move towards a better understanding of synchronicity and how it can be embraced to move your creativity forward. The movie is called A Dangerous Method . I really liked looking at the men in this film who were all buttoned up in white tight stiff collars of their 1900 era in addition to the sets and costumes of the ladies. It was a emotional drama taken from a book that was also a play. If you are interested in psychology and talk therapy origins or if you wonder why the therapists of today are so careful not to get personally involved with their patients this movie might help explain why. 
This week I also had the pleasure of visiting my Mom for a few days and my friends Tom and Peter out in Middleburg, Virginia for a rainy afternoon luncheon. I took along my quilts and English paper piecing project to show them. It got rave reviews and Peter says I have more patience than he does. Later with Mom's help I collected a bag full of new fabrics for new rose star blocks! Very exciting to go pick out the new little fat quarters and try to make a palette of colors and patterns that suit my own personal taste and style as the project moves from sample to real quilt size. We had a recipe for Frangelico chocolate cookies left over from the holidays and while I was visiting in Middleburg she mixed up and chilled the dough. Then when I got home, on that rainy Thursday afternoon, we got right to work baking up the whole batch. Wow they are like chocolate truffles with hazelnut and sweet powdered sugar on top. Yummy and just right with a cup of red hibiscus tea. Red and brown? Maybe that is a color theme I should try for a rose star block? Inspiration comes from so many sources when you are open to the possibilities. She also had a delicious Lemon Pound Cake sent to her from my sister as a Valentine which she was anxious to share and I ask you: who could say no to a cup of tea and lemon pound cake on a rainy day? This huge special cake was from a place in Warrenton, Virginia that has a red truck in their logo. We are planning a visit to the bakery in person one day soon! Thanks Jenny. 

three of four completed this week 

the collection pined on my felt wall in no particular order 

My sketches this week all felt a little hurried and didn't get very much of my attention but the practice goes on as a daily routine. I hope to print out some of the best to show this year in spring and summer shows as I move forward with my new drawing and painting practice. I also plan to begin making new pocket books for anyone who is interested in a hand bound sketch book for your pocket! I was given some new Japanese papers and satin book cloth from my Valentine Tuesday! Warmer weather means it is easy to go out on our glassed in porch to work on those types of projects.

metro reader in fuschia down coat 2-14

Metro riders 


selfsewn said...

Hi Frederick
Just popping by to check out your patchwork!!
Sorry if they are taking your time away from sketching :o

Tom Goss said...

You totally saved my ass today. Pyramid Atlantic is amazing and has just what I need! Sorry, I couldn't find your email so I left you a comment. Love your work, let me know next time you have a show!