Saturday, February 4, 2012


Two blocks completed this past four days while visiting Manassas

While visiting Mom in Manassas this past week with Keith we enjoyed some good food and thrift shopping, running a few errands and warm winter weather. We stuck to our routines as best we can, when away from home. For Keith we hunted interesting vases to use in his ikebana arrangements and he cut fresh home grown branches of flowering quince and budding tulip magnolias. I sat and hand stitched my rose star English paper pieced quilt blocks. I also did a sketch or two of the flowers on hand. It was a nice visit and good company.  I also got a puzzle framed and hung for Mom that was completed on our trip to Colonial Williamsburg last October where Mildred Cunningham was the main puzzle worker!
Quince blossoms with Magnolia branches in a new bowl 

local grown red tulips

home to the red and green mouse ear anthurium

pink rose center block with red

Yellow rose block 

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