Tuesday, July 17, 2012

80th Birthday

Jenny and Frank in Texas sent a huge pink and white bouquet

Best friend Mildred Cunningham arrives to surprise Phyllis on her special day, and boy was she surprised.

Frederick, Mom, David, and Mildred enjoyed burgers at Hunter's Head Inn a little 18th century tavern in Upperville, VA

Phyllis and Mildred with take away heading home for strawberry cream birthday cake.
I went home to Manassas for my Mother's 80th Birthday. We had a nice surprise when on the big day, Sunday July 15th, her phone rang and her best pal Mildred Cunningham called from the curb to say she was out front of the house! She had driven up from Richmond where she was visiting her sister-in-law for a day with Phyllis on her special birthday. Dave and I planned a nice drive to the country through scenic horse farming country just beyond Middleburg to Upperville to have a meal. It was warm but not too hot and we all piled into Dave's big black Hummer to ride the 40 minute trip to lunch.
We all had great burgers of grass fed beef raised humanely on a farm less than a mile down the road. The Hunter's Head Inn is a nice place to go for a meal day or night but I prefer to go when it is light to see the rolling hills and fields along the way. I recently had a nice 5 hour lunch with my high school friend Valerie there which is what put it in my head for Mother's special day. We got home before storms arrived and were sad to see Mildred leave to go back to Richmond where she ran into some of that nerve wracking weather along her way. Monday after the big event I took Mom to the DMV where she as a sensible 80 year old turned in her driver's licence and ordered up a new secured state ID card so she can continue to vote in her state. Virginia new laws now require it for proof of citizenship.

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