Friday, July 13, 2012

summer's bounty

Tree down with power poles and wires across the street from my apartment June 30th

Day lily sketch July 12th
Summer is really here in Washington DC. We had a storm at the end of June that set records for our area. Power was taken out by downed trees and power lines by a rain storm called a Derecho that began in Chicago and swept by WDC like a hurricane with 80-90 mile per hour winds and heavy rains and lightening strikes. More than half of all homes in the city lost power and many more in the suburbs north and south. Thousands many went without it for a week, my place was powerless for four days and the temperatures went soaring. In the garden in spite of the heat setting records with 12 days above 95ºF and a consecutive run of 4 days with temperature over 100ºF. I measured 114º on our back porch in the shade one afternoon as the outside temperature only rose to 105º. I escaped the heat and the lack of power by taking our frozen foods and driving out to Manassas for a few nights. I took a walk round the neighborhood and took a few pictures before I left to get an idea of how bad the storm was before I left.

Still the flowers grow and they bloom even in this amazing hot air. It's a bit of work to get out each day and take my walk and water those many patches of plants and trees in our gardens front and back yard. Some grand flowers bloom this time of year in our gardens. Many daylilies are reaching peak and then the Asian lilies bloom most favorite of all the Casa Blanca white tall lily which has numerous blooms.  The storm blew some of them into slanting postures but they are still pretty and with the heat outside I felt it was wise to bring a few in the house and give some to friends and neighbors to enjoy.

The one tree that I have and was most excited about blooming began this week with it's first flower in it's new home on the curb side. It survived the winds and storm and hot days to look pretty happy in it's new spot. I am looking forward to more and more flowers as the month progresses. My red crape myrtle thrives.

red crape myrtle is the same read as the stop sign at the corner across the street!

I worry about the changes in the weather but there isn't much any one person can do other than try to vote for changes to policy makers in the coming elections and live a greener life with all the choices we make. 

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