Thursday, July 19, 2012

crepe myrtle thrives

This week the heat has returned to Washington DC area and we had a couple more days of 100ºF and more! This time thunder storms have passed over us dumping hail and heavy rains. At least the garden watering is easier when it rains after a very hot spell of weather like this week gave us.Unfortunately the winds are causing to some of the taller flowers to bend at off kilter angles and lay out on the ground. The good news is that the new red crepe myrtle is happy with the heat and the rain. It sways in the wind and bends like a willow not harmed by the dance it does with the storm. They are blooming bright and red now and this is just the first year in the garden. I look forward to seeing the tree get taller and taller with bigger clusters of red flowers. Meanwhile this year it is looking really good. I am glad I finally got it in the ground. 

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