Wednesday, May 22, 2013

mob of grackle fledglings

Our garden in the back of the building is a refuge for a mob of baby Grackle fledglings who are hanging out waiting on their parents to bring them food... They also take timid little flights from branch to ground or what ever gets in the way. They preen and just have a good look around to see what is in this world. I counted six babies at one point in the garden and only saw two adults so this must be a very big family. I wonder if there are going to be Cicadas to feed on in weeks ahead, because that might explain the big family this year. I am no expert on Grackles but I do like those brilliant blue heads with golden stark eyes and their long elegant tails. The babies have none of those features.
Here are a few photos I captured of the mob.

Three gray fledglings on the fence seemed to like being near one another waiting on handouts 

adult being followed along the edge of the garden by two fledglings 

Patiently waiting