Friday, May 17, 2013

Quilter's Tour at NGA

Today I met about 6 quilters and 5 children to take a tour of the modern wing of National Gallery of Art. The group was larger than just us quilters lead by a volunteer who knew a lot about the building and various works of art. Meeting up like this was a lot of fun and I wish I had lead my own tour, but hindsight is 20/20. We did a lot of floor changing up and down which was a bit challenging for the kids on wheels but it was all a lot of fun in the final analysis because we shared an art experience. Lunch in the sculpture garden was busy but we expected crowds this time of year. I didn't pose the group for a formal portrait. I just tried to get snapshots. Further down I have some images of the art I liked some of it wasn't on view today due to a leak down in the lower level that closed up several of the rooms.
Part of the gang on our tour... embedded quilters see any you know?

Guard son and Amy

Jamie and three daughters and Amy in the back with the guard and her son 

Paul Reed American, born 1919
acrylic on raw canvas

Henri Matisse Paper cutouts
The Ellsworth Kelly paper works exhibition is a temporary installation of works done with colored paper pulps editions in small sets of 10 or less for each design in 1977. Still looks very modern and interesting for quilting inspiration I believe. His painted canvas shapes are always so amazing to me and usually one or two colors on an exquisitely shaped canvas.
Ellsworth Kelly paper works

Ellsworth Kelly paper works

Ellsworth Kelly paper works

Ellsworth Kelly paper works

Alexander Calder small mobiles and sculptures

Alexander Calder huge mobile

Untitled Mark Rothko 
This great warm colored Rothko painting was switched out for a  blue and black one today. I knew something had changed! I took this picture last time I toured the modern collection thinking it would be a good place to go hunting for inspirations with my quilting friends.
Alexander Calder mobile and shadow

Cy Tombley 

Joan Mitchell
reminds me of a crazy quilt with so many triangles and interlocking strokes

Richard Pousette-Dart
American 1916-1992
White garden, sky 1951
graphite and oil on linen

Joseph Albers 

Andy Warhol self portrait x 4
QING Dynasty
Porcelain with overglase famille rose enamels 
This Qing Dynasty vase from the Asian ceramics in the west wing was one thing I found that looks very modern and would make a very nice quilt design using various star forms common to quilters. So I don't think we always need to look directly to modern art to find ideas for modern quilting. I believe everything we do is modern we can't help it being so but inspirations can come from any time or era. Updating past artist works in our own versions is one of the oldest tricks in the artists handbook. Ideas that are old always can be updated to find a new way that is informed by current culture and understanding.


Elle said...

Thanks so much for organizing this, Frederick, and for the quick write-up! It sounds like a lot of fun!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I had a great time on this outing! I know Bea got something out of it because she has been cutting up photographs and reassembling them to make "abstract" art! And she's designed two quilts for me based on what she saw...she made me look up a diamond with squares in it (page 6 online of the Modern Art Collection--Tableau #4 by Piet Mondrian) and she's drawn a quilt design for me, so I guess I know what I'm doing for the challenge;)

Thanks for setting up the tour, Frederick!