Friday, April 11, 2008

bull run blue bell

This week while driving to visit Manassas to see my sister Jenny who is visiting from Texas prompted me to look for Virginia Blue Bells in bloom along the Battlefield Park. I saw they were in bloom from the highway and as soon as I got home I asked if Jenny had ever seen them, no was her answer, so we made a bee line to the park. The main office and museum gives out passes to park and is located next to the iconic Stonewall Jackson statue. He was a confederate general  that stood "like a stone wall" in one of the two battles of Manassas (battle of Bull Run for the north) .  We found the park office closed at 5 pm and drove on over to the Stone Bridge walk along bull run to see the wild blue flowers that grow in the flood plains on both sides of bull run.
I have some pictures from when I was there with my parents a few years ago so this time I just focused on Jenny and the swampy area that caught my eye. She spotted some white tailed deer grazing on the fresh spring grass. They were about 300 feet away and the zoom didn't help much because the light was low and the hands a little shaky. If you look very hard at the view of the swampy forest field you might see them back there. 

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Anonymous said...

Hey, where's my halo? Love the blog! Great pictures! Love, Jenny