Sunday, April 13, 2008

ikebana international

I am happy to say that this past Saturday after a couple months of feeling an almost constant state of stress eminating from across the room I went to see the Ikebana International Chapter One's show at the Bonsai Museum in the National Arboretum. My partner was the organizer and this was his first chance to organize an exhibition. As you can see in my 2 snap shots above, and 25 more here,  everything worked out quite well for this first group of arrangements.  The show opened  Friday 4/11 and continues until 4/20 next Sunday and will have a second and third set of  new arrangements installed this week. Saturday afternoon we attended a demonstration of Ikenobo Ikebana school style that is one I have always admired, everyone was very excited to see these lovely arrangements take shape. These exhibitions are kind of a well kept secret as are the teachers and the schools that are all over the world. In 1956 Washington DC  became Ikebana International Chapter One because this is the very first place the Japanese began allowing the ancient art to be taught outside of Japan. 

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wondermachine said...

Hey! You need to post something to BAWA about this! That's art baby!! Art!!
Glad it was a great success. Pete and I were up at the cabin where I was doing faulty gymastics routines (actually my routine was flawless but the dismount was.. well, a disaster).