Tuesday, April 15, 2008

near by gardens

This afternoon under bright blue skies I had a walk over to the other side of the tracks and on the way I found a few blooms.  Expecting I would, I took a camera in my pocket for some quick snap shots of the natural things that really stood out. The first was this evergreen tree which had many wonderful cones fully open with little tassels. I was enchanted because I know that type of cone from an arts and crafts design somewhere in my deep design memory.  I wonder what the tree is and where I saw that original design that made me notice the likeness?
Once I went to 7-11 to collect a payment from Western Union and found for the 4th time that wasn't going to be possible I headed back across the tracks to the Yes Organic market and found more lovely things on the way. Lilacs in the alley, green Dogwoods posed before an orange shed and a bold early green euonymous shrub bursting with color in the sun light. So the trip wasn't a total loss. Brookland is a beautiful neighborhood for all it's quaint gardens and spring is a good time to walk around and see lots of color. I sometimes wish I could have one of each plant in our yard but then I would miss all these and a pleasant experience of walking to discover them in my neighbors yards. 

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Anonymous said...

I wish your blog had "Smell-o-scent"! I would love to stick my nose in those gorgeous lilacs! Beautiful photos! JENNY :)