Friday, April 18, 2008

friday flowers

Oh, today I discovered that Flickr holds 200 photos for display for free but after you reach 200 they want a fee of 24.95 to upgrade you to FlickrPro... so that is the catch and I shouldn't be surprised. That is how they can afford to hold all my data in a server. My brother works in one of those windowless buildings that has thousands of servers storing all our data points. I don't know much about his job except that if one of the networks goes down, some one's head is soon seen rolling down the isles. I went back to the National Arboretum to see the second installation of the International Ikebana show. I took photos of all the flower arrangements and then today loaded them on flickr click here to see them all.  I also took a lovely walk in the woods of fern valley at the arboretum to see the wild woodland flowers. The bright sun ended up ruining most of the pictures but I still don't know how to make great pictures in the dappled light of the woods. The past two days I have been going out into the garden, here at home, to write my morning pages since the weather is nearly perfect. The pope was round the corner Tuesday, Wed. and Thursday at the Catholic University and the Shrine of conception. I am delighted to report his visit did not disrupt my life much. My BF Keith had to disembark the Brookland metro at the same time the well wishers were leaving Wed. and he said it was extremely over crowded as they pressed to get in the station. Pope has moved on to NYC to wrack havoc on their traffic and transportation systems. I wonder what the pope's carbon foot print is? I heard on the radio that his shoes are not Prada but hand made by some Italian cobbler which I think is much cooler than designer label shoes. Anything made by hand like that wins my love because so few things that my society values or uses are made by hand anymore. 

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