Monday, November 10, 2008

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Dust to Dust

This past weekend I attended a two day book arts fair that Pyramid Atlantic creates every two years. I have been going since 2000 and enjoying it every time. I bought the best marble papers there two years ago hand made by a guy from Minnesota and this year his paper was there again and I bought some more. The second day I bought some marbled papers from Chena River Marblers Regina & Dan St. John  from Amherst, Massachusetts. I am already making new books with the papers I bought. This morning I finished my white journal and then cut papers and glued up a couple more new books one has some of the new marble paper as it's end pages. I also bought a poem, pencil & book in a cigarette box that was made by Chip Shilling another guy from Minnesota who taught a class at Pyramid Atlantic I took a while back on UV sensitive polymer plates  used for letter presses. 
He made his box for the Artomat® machine that is in Minneapolis. I made books for the Artomat® that back in 2001. Clark Whittington and his Artists in Cellophane are a lot of fun and I like collecting the good stuff that comes from his rehabilitated cigarette machines at only $5 each they are a steal. Mine are still popular but I gave up trying to keep Clark's Artomat® machine full. Chip and his wife worked out the way to make their submission pay for it's self. I am delighted with the little book set he created. I took a picture of it and discovered I got number 55 of his edition of 150 copies! I like the number 55 too.
I also got to take some photos of the chrysanthemums  in our garden recently. I wanted to show you the Chinese wild chrysanthemums and how they have evolved to be several different colors all from the same original plant we bought at the National Arboretum's annual plant sale three years ago. I had to shoot a short film of the mums for fun. Today I worked on editing more of the Jamestown and Williamsburg photos 385 in total. I hope to have time the end of the week to set those up on Flickr.

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