Monday, November 17, 2008

one box and a new book to go in it...

Barcelona view #12 by Cor Windhouwer

 book of paintings open and standing 

That's right, I got up and went right to work on the remaining steps to complete the Barcelona leporello box and book. The weather was cool but there was no wind so the little space heater did keep me toasty warm on the porch studio while I worked. I retrieved the boxes out from under the brick weights, then I cut  brightly colored marbled paper to fit the inside of the clam shell box. The little pocket of blue was the hardest bit to do but it went in place pretty fast. Then the clam box had to go in the shell or "case" that makes the box complete. Once the box was done and under weights to hold it down for drying I got to work placing all the paintings Cor Windhouwer painted of Barcelona into the leporello book I made a year or more ago. That was fun, modern photograph corners are quick to use now a days. This Book  project is for Cor and his elder friend  Mr. Waelput who gave him the little book of photos. Mr. Waelput used to work for the Dutch Airlines: KLM so he traveled extensively. Now he is retired. Both Cor and Mr. Waelput in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 
In the end I was delighted to discover that the book fit into the case like a hand fits in a glove! No spare space in the box for the book to wiggle around causing damage. That also means the next box I make for my copy will be just the same size, it needs  no alterations to my first plan. It has been several years since I made a clam shell box and I was surprised how much I remembered about how to do it. Only once did I hesitate about how to wrap the teal paper over the box corners. 
This proeject is ready to be packed up to go over to it's owner in the next few weeks. If you want to see the original paintings before I mail it out let me know soon.
I am grateful to have had this interesting body of Cor's paintings to compile into a new bigger work of art.  
The bright colors of the box and the marble paper I chose to complement the paintings Cor did and the colors he likes to use, naturally we both love orange! 

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