Sunday, November 16, 2008

a box for Barcelona leporello

This morning I finally got back to work a project I started two years ago. I began with a pair of books in the form of an accordion or a leporello. Inside these are copies of photos of a tourist's book from Barcelona Spain of the 1950's painted by Cor Windhouwer with abstractions. I have the original Barcelona leporello to include in the box with the new book therefore I am making a small pocket in the top of the box to hold the original leporello which is much smaller. I feel pretty bad about taking so long to get this project done and I don't really have a good reason why. I hope my friend won't be too disappointed once he finally sees the finished book and box. This is the first time I have shown anyone what any of it looks like except Keith. I spent five hours today just laying out these parts of the box, cutting them, assembling them, then covering the inside and the case with paper and book cloth. I drew a plan or map of the design with all the measurements written in carefully in case I have troubles once it is all assembled then I can make a new one and adjust what ever problems arise. If I am lucky this first box will be perfect and I won't have to start over. I made  a copy of the Windhouwer paintings for the new book to keep for my collection of book works and I will make a second box to match this one for my copy after I get Cor's done. I find it is actually a lot of fun measuring, cutting, wrapping and gluing boxes but the initial start is a challenge because the parts must fit exactly. Once I begin it draws me in deeper and deeper and the only reason I quit working today was to let the completed work dry. Tomorrow I hope to put the inside sections in and assemble the case and the box but the weather man is calling for unseasonably cold weather and my studio is difficult to heat when the winter winds blow. I am very excited with this new work and I can't for the life of me figure out why I waited so long to get it done! I am really sorry to have kept my best pal Cor waiting all these years but he has never put any pressure on me to hurry up. Thank you Cor. 

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