Saturday, June 26, 2010

June's garden peaks

pink day lily who's has no name that I know yet
wonderful moth on the back porch
Uncle Herb's brick red dwarf day lily
new to our garden 'Chesapeake crab legs' spider day lily arrives
new 'Chesapeake crab legs' with the long petals and orange stamen and anther
dwarf red spider day lily rediscovered in the vinca vines of Manassas
also we found the full size tall and hardy 'red volunteer' with six stems
new dwarf day lily in Manassas called 'big happy time'
hardy sweet peas
Schubert tall summer phlox
double orange day lily
Rothschild lily
orange speckled blackberry lily and hot pink day lily in the background
blue tall balloon flowers

This week has been exciting two new day lilies have developed flowers so the mystery of their exact color and shape was revealed. At home in Manassas in Mother's garden we discovered some old day lilies that happened to match the ones I bought and had transplanted from there. Seems I really like the Red Volunteer a tall strong red with yellow throat and red yellow stamen and anther. I found a little spidery red and yellow that I forgot was ever there in the mess that is now over grown with invasive vines. I marked it for later transplanting and hope to get the roots all cleaned up to extract the vines. The peak seems to be here for June with many new flowers opening this week in our garden. White sweet peas a new plant that we hope will come back every year.
Bright pink, orange, yellow, red and white day lilies are all over the yard. Purple Cone flowers and now blue balloon flowers with tall summer phlox on the way. Orange Blackberry lily has begun and the exotic Rothschild lily is open. Hosta bloom in the shade and hydrangea are open in the sun. Not all are photographed well but I always try several times to get the best image possible when I am out in the yard. Mornings I am doing a sketch of one flower after writing my morning pages. Next post will be about some of those.

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It's Persuan Market. An oldie but goodie.