Friday, June 4, 2010

sketches with color

just adding a little water to my ink, which is water dissolved, adds a second color to my pocket book sketches
I used a watercolor paints to add color to the real sketch of clematis vine flowering
in this metro rider I used adobe photoshop, a computer software, to add colors
the original drawing from my sketchbook

Yesterday I rode metro in the afternoon and did a sketch of an east Indian business man who was riding across from me for a few stops. Bouncing along on the metro is a challenge to get lines right where I want them but I enjoy the loose drawing style that makes me use. For a while I have admired drawings by other sketchers who then embellish them with Adobe photoshop colors or something. It gives a simple sketch a more finished illustrative look. Michael Nobbs who is a prolific sketcher, is my inspiration. You can see some of his carefully drawn and colorful sketch work on his blog or web site but I recommend taking a look at his set of drawings from January:
I see even though I am using what I think are the same tools our work is different.
My pal Dan Vera does great stuff with his watercolors in a small tin he carries in his bag when he is sketching but I can't find any online except on facebook. Drawing is fun both with and without color but the color seems to add something special. I like to get my image down and worry about the color later as I did in these examples.

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