Saturday, June 21, 2008

bumble bee clip

hosta colletion

I tried several times to load this video clip with yesterday's post but every time it failed. Today maybe I will be successful and you will be able to watch the black and yellow bumble bee dance over the tops of the little white flowers on the milk weed. I love to see bees that have all that pollen loaded up on their rear legs to take home to make food for babies and winter.
I tried a few more honey bee photos on the white clover this morning but the auto focus wasn't finding the bees, instead it chose the background clover leaves. However, I did find that the bed of shady hostas was well lighted by the early summer morning sun and the flowers in our main bed were showing more and more color as they mature to full bloom. 
I tried again to load my video today and it isn't working so I gave up on this clip. 
Today we are going to meet my old pal Susan Brown from NYC who works for AIDS research team up there and used to be a bartender at the Pyramid Club. I missed seeing her when I was up in NYC last weekend because she and husband Brad and daughter Iris were on the way to the country cabin in northern Pennsylvania. We are also going to see the Martin Puryear show opening today at the National Gallery of Art. It comes to us from MoMA in NYC.
Today instead of the bumble bee clip, that isn't working, I am going to post a few of the hosta's that are showing off their big delicious leaves for all my pals who love them.

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Anonymous said...

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Big fat bumblebee! Reminds me of the HUGH bumble bees we had in Atlanta; they used to chase me, so no sunbathing on our patio for me!