Wednesday, June 25, 2008

house wren in the house

Wow we had a surprise visitor yesterday when we got home. The little house wren that hangs out in our yard got into the nest that the sparrows have been using and somehow it slipped in to our porch which is glassed in on two sides. I tried to film it and got something but it is a little difficult to follow him round and about in the studio. Perching everywhere and then flying to the next spot he found lots of fun stuff to explore in our over crowded back porch studio. Dried flowers sticks and branches. Bicycles hanging from the ceiling (no the video is not upside down) lamp over the desk, seeds in jars on the shelves and vases and art supplies and garden tools everywhere! So many places nooks and crannies like an English muffin for a small bird to explore. We were worried he would run into the windows but as you can see in the video he managed to keep away from them.  Please excuse the mess but this is where we store all sorts of supplies and old art work.
Eventually we decided that we better open the door and screens to let him find his way back outside because after dark it might just die of dehydration or something. So I went out and made a clear path for him to slip down the stairs and out to the wilds of our back yard. Then I came in and closed the inside door and went back to my TV while Keith was making our dinner house wren  slowly explored his way over to the door and the area near the door then he found the way out of our house to freedom and his usual garden home.

I am also happy to say that I got the bumblebee video to load up today so go back and have a look at the post bumble bee clip  at the bottom is the 22 second video of the bee on milk weed flowers.

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