Saturday, June 28, 2008

SafeLawn National Mall turf project

I just read on DC Urban Gardener's blog a very sad story with pictures. In Washington DC we have a big section of the National Mall's lawn that has been a test site of non-toxic organic lawn maintenance for the past couple years.  Our National Park Service, who manage the lawns wanted to stop using chemicals and see if there is a way to make the mall organic and if that would hold up better than the way they have been doing the work with toxic chemicals. If you don't know the mall in Washington DC runs a mile long between the Capitol building and the Washington Monument, it is a national front yard. Various events happen there year round, from huge political protests like the Million Man March, to fun celebrations like the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival. They also use it for after work sports groups who play baseball, kick ball, volley ball and runners, joggers, walkers and bikes as well as all the people visiting the museums use the mall. I was very upset this morning when I read on DC Urban Gardener's blog about the George Washington University graduation ceremony which has ruined most of the test section being done by 
You can see a Discovery channel short here: The Greenest Grass
It shows the whole idea they have about greening the Nat. Mall.
I just hope it can be fixed organically  and I wonder who is going to have to pay to repair the damage. 

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