Wednesday, July 23, 2008

casablanca lily

The funeral is over the services are done and I am home. I have images of that whole experience but I am not ready to write about that today. I didn't want to leave the blog empty until I got my act together to write about the trip and the family and the ride down south so I decided to look for some flower to add here today. These lilies I first discovered back in the 1980's when I worked at the once famous NYC  florist Pure M├ądderlake of the upper east side. M├ądderlake used Casablancas a lot and I really liked the way they opened after being fully tight buds one could count on a weeks' worth of display and sweet perfume and pure white color. 
The Casablanca lilies were in bloom this week in our yard but I caught a few photos of them that make me very happy. We also had a bunch of beautiful white Casablanca lilies in the flowers sent to my family home which have a very powerful scent. Now a days I like to keep these lilies outside in our garden. It seems to me here in our small home it is too much to have these strong perfumes permeating the air. This lily like many others has bright orange pollen on the sexual parts of the flower which florists usually remove because if you leave them the pollen can fall off and stain fabric of table cloths or even clothes if you lean in to get a close sniff! The best way to get that orange pollen off is to dust it off as best you can, before you wash the cloth or skin. 

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