Wednesday, July 16, 2008

dad left us

Sunday afternoon, I spent a few minutes with my Dad alone. I had been to Dupont Circle farm market and bought fresh flowers in reds for his bedside and arranged them and set them at the end of the bed. I doubt he could see them but they were bright and we all enjoyed them. I sat down and did a quick sketch of his head sleeping in the bed next to the little teddy bear my sister brought to him a day or two earlier for the few minutes we were alone. Mom and my sister arrived and I set image making aside. We have been there in hospice along side his bed and advising his nurses and doctors about his needs and medical history for five days in this hospice and four days at the hospital hospice. Yesterday was my mother's birthday and we planned a little trip to get her away from this sad scene but when we arrived to meet her we found that Dad was much more grave and she decided to post pone the field trip. So we made the best of a sad situation and got carryout sandwiches from the Italian Store on Lee Highway a nearby favorite of mine and Keith's and many locals. We ate our gourmet lunch in the beautiful weather under the lovely gazebo at the hospice. Noticed a brown rabbit, downy woodpecker, blue jay, chip monk and several other colorful song birds. Keith told some funny stories and we had a hearty laugh... Then towards the end of this lovely day we decided to all go home for some rest. The call came to my Mom about two in the morning Wednesday 7-16-08 that dad left us. We have the next steps all planned and ready to go. I will let you read about it at the Perice funeral home website.  Click on Clarence Nunley 7-16-08 for details. 

My favorite white lilies,"the Casablanca" began blooming on Mom's birthday as they have done for several years now. Dad went into CCU on his 78th birthday a couple weeks ago 7-30-08 but he has been very ill for many years now and he only survived this long because of the excellent support and care my mother has given him. Let me say my thanks to her, here for all her love and care and especially for helping Dad get along so well all these years. 

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