Saturday, July 12, 2008

more flowers

I am working through the sadness of my father's situation by admiring flowers in my garden and at the hospice garden. Several times in the past week medical staff have asked questions about some of the cut flowers in his rooms and how they are grown. I guess they think I have a green thumb or so they say. I think anyone who wants to grow something can do it by trying until it is successful. Nature is pretty forgiving if you don't get head strong about what the results are going to be and surprises happen all the time good and bad. My favorite is when a flower shows up somewhere I didn't plan. I have nick named these flowers and plants "volunteers" because they just join in the symphony of color and pop up in unexpected ways. This years volunteers include orange cosmos, marigolds, a black eyed Susan, several mullein plants a purple nicotina and others. We are at the peak of bloom for summer flowers. Lots of day lilies are giving up their best blooms and hostas are coming and going into flower and out. The big lilies are about near to blossom and the summer phlox is giving out new blooms each day. Autumn's flowers like mums, astors and sedums are setting buds.  

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