Tuesday, July 29, 2008

new day lily & Fuji blues

golden sunflower

white day lily

Today a new flower is blooming in our garden. It is the milky white day lily that Keith bought for me earlier this summer. He was ordering Rothschild's lilies for himself and asked if I wanted anything from the catalog. I was always interested in the white day lily and he got me two late in the season for a deal of a price. One of the lilies is in a pot and the other in the garden's ground. Each lily has had buds for a couple weeks but today one flower opened on each plant. How's that for synchronicity? Also this week we have my lovely Fuji morning glories that open one or two at a time on the vine with fuzzy green and white marked leaves. One of my favorite colors is that deep blue ever since I read book by Michel Pastoureau about the history of the color blue. I am excited today to discover the same writer is about to publish a book about the history of the color black. That will go on my wish list of books to read. We have sunflowers opening this week, tallest new flower in the garden. Sometime last night there was some rain which is glad news for me and the garden.

Tour de France is over and I have been watching daily programs over the last three weeks and Cor Windhouwer sent great daily Tour reports with photos to help me keep up and to get his take on the news of the day's race. I am a big fan of bicycling and regret not being fit to ride my slick road bike due to spinal problems the past 8 years.

My male figure drawing group had it's last night at the Warehouse Gallery last night. We have been drawing in their gallery since July of 2001. Friend and regular attendee Dan Murray brought us a huge chocolate torte to celebrate the finish or our great weekly entertainment. Now, I have a few Monday nights off until I find a new home for my drawing group.

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