Tuesday, December 30, 2008

end of year sky show

colorful clouds - three towers

back yard view

The past two evenings Venus has been moving closer to the new crescent Moon! About the time the sun sets on the last day of 2008 the show will culminate in a conjunction. I can't wait to see the sight with my own eyes. It is going to be cold but hopefully very clear. I went out tonight to pick up the car from garage and tucked my camera in my pocket to go watch the sun set at the intersection of North Capitol street and Michigan Avenue by the MacMillan Sand Water Filtration Ruins. There is an open view of the evening's sky and the domes of the filters silhouette with the trees as the sun slides below the horizon. The crescent moon was visible before darkness arrived but venus came out a little later. It was beautiful. It is very hard to take pictures of such small objects in the dark sky without a tripod. Hope to get our tripod out tomorrow night! Meanwhile here is a little of what I saw tonight. The few clouds that were in the sky as the sun set were great color catchers. I also took a few more in complete darkness back in the alley at home a little after sunset.


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