Friday, December 5, 2008

holiday surprises

In my mail box recently a package arrived from Holland. It was from St. Nicolas and his pal black Pete with a little help from my pal Cor Windhouwer, I suspect. 
St. Nicholas Day is Dec. 6th and in Holland they celebrate with the arrival of St. Nicolas and his assistants who deliver gifts and judge the kids and adults much like Santa Claus does later in Dec. Every one gets chocolate letters at their dinner place setting and the poems call them each out in ways to poke fun and have a good laugh. Most of what I know about the holiday I read on this website: 

Our poem on the orange paper with the chocolates reads:
Dear Frederick & Keith...
again a year passed by, 
very quick and full, 
with good and bad moments,
moments of joy and grief,
some we will always remember, 
things we liked to do and some we rather not,
but friendship was there and still goes on,
an so again this year's December,
of coursed a small surprised, for Dec. 5th,
a piece of Cobra art,
but do be smart,
don't hang it on the wall,
but use it with tea... or coffee..
So Art melts in your mouth 
and warms your heart...
St. Nicolas x2
This will explain that bird art picture on our chocolate art bar!
There is an exhibition of CoBrA art in a Rotterdam museum.

Thank you St. Nicolas,  this is going to taste so good!

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