Wednesday, December 31, 2008

moon + venus = 2009

Yes, the last day of the year gave me more moon and venus conjunction in the cold night sky. I got out the tripod this evening  but the wind was so strong it was still difficult to keep it motionless for a long exposure. However it was better than the technique I used yesterday: leaning on a street sign for support. It was fun taking the pictures with the tripod except that wind was very sharp. On my little Kodak camera yesterday I found a new feature that allows long night time exposures. 
Tonight Keith is home safe and sound, new years has been ringing in for many hours around the world. We have just finished dinner and are getting our gifts ready to exchange with our sparkling ciders and some carrot cake. 
Today, I enjoyed the Jib Jab animation of 2008 the year in review. 
Hope you are all warm and cozy in your respective homes with your dear ones safe and sound.
Happy New Year from Washington DC, Keith and me. 


Scott said...

Happy New Year! We saw the moon/Venus convergence - very cool. Thanks for the heads up.

See you soon!

::Journey Space:: said...

I'm interested in your photographs, been trying to follow the conjunctions too from LA mostly. . .truly awesome. Going to post your blog to my blog, visit it if you have a chance


Anonymous said...

Did you see it tonight. From Here Wiltshire the atmosphere was crystal clear. We went out and observed it at 19.40 and its was the brightest I think I have ever seen it. So that is what −4.6 looks like. Amazing.