Tuesday, December 23, 2008

it's almost here

In this picture you can see (click the title to see it larger) the frame works nicely with the window moldings on the right and then in the little antique mirror to the left, you can see that it matches the darker tones of the new frame. In the reflection of that same mirror you can see the book case & column reflected across the room which is more of the same wood tones we have in our 1937 woodwork details of our apartment. 

This is it, the last day before the eve of Christmas. I got an early gift, for my portrait by Douglas Kingsbury which is featured in almost all of my profile pictures, a frame to surround my painted face. Since we chose the pose of this portrait to reflect a Dutch Master's portrait of his artist friend from the 1600's. I wanted this portrait to have a sort of formal frame to remind me of the Dutch golden age that inspired the pose. I looked at Black with fancy cut patterns but they seem too dark and austere. Then I chose to match up some of the colors in the painting and the wood frames on other art works and objects on our walls and finally this frame needed to complement the moldings and wood trims in our apartment which are all "mahogany", if my landlord can be believed.  A couple weeks ago I took the painting over to Paula Amt 1350 Q st. NW at 14th Street who does nice work out of her "Framesmith DC" framing studio for me now and then, she works by appointment only. Paula is also the owner of Plan b Gallery where my hand made books have been selling at a brisk pace this month. Yesterday I picked up the framed painting. I am delighted with the new frame and now have it on my wall waiting a final coating of varnish to protect the surface of this painted work. 

Last time I was in Manassas shopping with Mom we went to the new Salvation Army store and found it a delightful place to shop. Everything was sorted out by colors in the housewares section and the shirts and sweaters too, making it a very appealing display for a second hand shop. We had fun looking and I fell in love with these green glass plates that are old pressed glass to look like cut glass. They may be a knock off of Depression era glassware I used to collect. Those depression era glass wares that were given away to encourage purchases when money was tight! This idea might be coming back now that money is getting tight again.The practice survived into the 1970's. Do you remember drinking glasses filled with grape jelly or strawberry preserves that had fun pictures on them and a flip top lid we used to get as kids? Or dishes in the soap and cereal boxes...I am not sure about the origins of these plates but I had to have them regardless  for lunch at our house. Four green glass gifts for being a good boy this year make every meal or snack special. What did you want for Christmas and what did you get? I can't wait to hear. Have a safe and happy holiday and cherish your time with loved ones because that can't be bought it can only earned. Now, I have some gifts to wrap, ho ho ho

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