Friday, December 5, 2008

moon + venus & jupiter


This past weekend there were clouds until Monday night when the just after sunset the moon, as a crescent, joined Venus and Jupiter over the south-western sky to form a triangle.  It is rare that we living downtown get to enjoy the night sky but these three were bright and strong and shone through the glare of the urban light pollution around us. I tried to get a photograph  but in reality just looking at it with the naked eye in the city was amazing and no picture is quite as dazzling as the real thing was. For a really impressive night sky shot over LA the same night go see this one>>>  MOON over LA
I think the stars and celestial events like this are under rated in our modern society. I love watching meteor showers and comets passing but it is usually difficult to see most of those things from the city. Maybe one day I will be up north for the northern lights and in that same dream I see the glowing blue noctilucent clouds passing eerily over my patch of town! 

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