Monday, May 25, 2009

gardens settle into summer

Keith under the rose arbor 

old fashioned Japanese honey suckle grows on our garden's old section of wooden fencing smells really good

This week our garden is beginning to look very promising for June, Memorial day isn't just the beginning of beach weather but good flower growing weather is coming now too. Keith and I  decided to take a trip down to the National Mall to visit some of our favorite public gardens on Saturday. We rode metro with lots of tourists down to L'Enfant Plaza and walked over to the Bartholdi fountain triangle garden where the sun was beaming straight down on a view of the capitol grounds. Many plants were in full leaf and gorgeous flowers are on many.  This small garden is behind the Botanical gardens and is named for the big cast iron fountain that sits in the center with a pool. That is now walled off while they spend the next three years restoring the iron fountain the plumbing and lighting. Still the garden was great with many succulents and exotic flowering plants and trees. We also dropped by the new native plantings garden of the Botanical gardens and it's shallow fish pond. Last was the Smithsonian's National Indian Museum gardens and pond where we caught sight of some ducklings with their protective mother. This pond is so grown in you can't see where you are from the edge. We found after a few hours in the heat with all those loud motorcycles (rolling thunder)we were hungry so we ate at Teaism a nice Bison Burger and chose to come home and enjoy our own garden. I know the middle of the day is the worst time to photograph flowers but we did it anyway. I always try to get my home garden photos done before the direct light hits the flowers. Shade of early morning or early evening is always great light and some over cast days are good for even lighting. I spent most of this afternoon loading my garden photos from home and Manassas up on to my page.  Take a click and venture over and see them? 

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