Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day after a garden party

Middleburg Virginia  garden party for a new hand made door 
Door on the second floor sleeping porch is visible here. We loved the lush display of red trumpet honey suckles growing on the left of the front doorway.

to the right in the Middleburg garden from above

purple hostas from Chris and Sue's yard in DC blooming for the first time in Mom's garden
white iris from my DC neighbors blooming over blue cadet hostas

Keith and I went to a nice garden party in Middleburg. The garden was beautiful and lots of interesting people were at this party. There was a new specially made door installed on the second floor commissioned by our hosts for their home. It has stained glass by one artist, Iron fittings(hinges and door latch) and all this beautiful maple wood work to complete the door. It opens onto a sleeping porch of sorts in their old farm house which was built about 1875 I believe as a farm house. Middleburg is an old town in Virginia just past the edge of the sprawling development that moved to within a few miles. I love the Koi pond and the blue eyed grass flowering beside the pond. I enjoyed meeting the artists who did the glass and iron work and I knew the artisan who built the door from our annual Light In October events. Chris Mann who used to sell photos now does fine wood working. 
After some drinks and a tour of the ever more developed garden we headed out to pick up my mother and take her to a nice dinner. This we did and enjoyed with plans developed to work in her garden on Mother's day. Today we went to a couple garden centers and did a little light shopping for annuals to fill up a few pots. We came back and cleaned up some weeds and raked last years leaves to pulled out English Ivy. Never plant that nasty ivy if you want anything else to grow in your garden. I battle an old stand of it here in our DC garden that has a ancient roots as thick as my wrist. We had a great day and I look forward to returning to see how things develop in the coming months of summer. 
Now after a long day of shopping and gardening we are home and resting. Happy Mother's day it was. 

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